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Web Site Examples

Web Marketing Examples

1 Year Later

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish is a relationship coach, author, and tv personality. She came to me looking to grow her online brand and improve traffic to her website and blog. 

By researching keywords, tracking competitors, and tracking her site visitors we were able to improve overall site SEO, usability, and create specific targeted content.

1 Year later her site traffic had increased by three times and the targeted content brought in between 40-60% of overall traffic (depending on the month).

Monthly Data

Content blurred to protect work and client info.

LoveVictory.com was redesigned in 2016 by another party and since then traffic has decreased by over 200%. Targeted content I’m responsible for still brings in over 40% of overall traffic.
1 Year Later

Dr. Jed Diamond is an author, therapist, and expert in his field. Appearing on CBS news, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  

He came to me looking to improve his organic reach online, basically trying to find a way to get more traffic to his website MenAlive.com.

Through keyword research and site audit we were able to identify specific topics and create a content plan to increase site traffic by more than double, as well as increase overall site usage and email signup.

Monthly Data

Content blurred to protect work and client info.

MenAlive.com has gone onto increase traffic even more, doubling again since the last time we worked together. The targeted content we worked on together is still responsible for 27% of search traffic coming to the site.
1 Year Later

Patrick King is the owner of The Soil King Garden center based in Cloverdale California. He came to me looking to improve his organic search rank for his new Big Rootz soil. 

As with most my work I started with researching his online market to pinpoint specific keywords and topics that could potentially benefit his business.

After targeting an important high value search term I took his existing content and created a new page specifically targeting this high value search and within six months he started receiving search traffic to the page. 11% of his total site traffic is from that one page and it is the longest viewed page on his entire website.

Monthly Data

Content blurred to protect work and client info.

100% of the traffic to the page I created is from Google searches.  It receives more organic trafific than any other page on his site and I estimate that by 2018 this page will more then double in traffic.

Site audit and small site edits.

Site audit and small site edits.

Site audit & redesign.


Every project is a bit different but below gives you an idea of where I start.




Mobile Responsive
Future Proof Code
Basic SEO Optimizations
Basic Security Setup
Social Media Integrations
+ Much More

Everything a small business needs to get online and be effective.




PER YEAR (payment plans available)


PER YEAR (or $400/year with no hosting)

Daily Backups
Weekly Site Software Updates
Improved Site Protection
Faster Site Loading
Weekly Site Checks
Tutorial Videos Installed
Monthly Site Report
SSL Certificate
Discount On Hourly Rate

How long does it take to launch a site?
Most websites take around four weeks from the starting payment. Larger projects with a lot of content or ecommerce capabilities can take longer and projects for organizations that have a BOD and committees almost always take twice as long.
Will I be able to update the site myself?
Yes. Every site I create is purposefully created with the intent that you will be able to update the content in it. I also provide a one on one in person training session to go over your site specifics so you feel more comfortable making edits.
What if I don’t want to make edits? Can I hire you?
I offer a variety of options for site maintenance and management. If your site needs regular updates I can offer a maintenance package at a discounted rate. I also offer Secured Site Hosting and Secured Site Management which gives you a discount on my hourly rate.

What makes you different from other web developers?

Every website I create I want to last and be used. Many websites are created and deleted yearly. I like to see my work last and have positive impact on my clients business. In the end, I am an artist and craftsman and approach web development with that spirit.

Can you get my site to rank #1 for BLANK?
First, how do you know BLANK is the high value keyword? Unless you know how many searches per month there are for BLANK and what the conversion rate is for BLANK, it might not be the one you even want to show up for anyways. But to answer the question: Maybe. It all depends on your site and your competitor’s site. What I can do is target keywords that you CAN show up for rather than charge you and make promises that I’ll get you to show up for something you never will. Any web marketing expert that says otherwise or promises more is lying to you.
What do you provide for your Web Marketing Hitman service?
Basically, I work every month to actively market your business online doing whatever it is I think needs to be done based on our working relationship, my experience, research, and expertise. It varies depending on the client and I only take on clients I know I can help. I also only take on a handful of clients for this service each year. I DO NOT use any black hat techniques so don’t ask me to. In the end, I do whatever I can to improve your business online, sometimes that means creating a new site, new content, writing articles, targeting content, managing your social media, running advertising campaigns, photography, video, email marketing, etc, etc. I also DO NOT outsource any of the work. Everything that is done is done by me personally.

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